Sunday, September 19, 2010

To trim or not to trim? That is the question...

 I had an amazing weekend! I sing in a band and we played very well last night. I starting thinking about my hair goals and picturing myself onstage with my head full of long curls and coils or in long, vintage soft waves, or my favorite style a simple "Sade" ponytail with red lipstick. Okay, enough daydreaming but I love the options long hair provides. The downside of long hair is that the ends are old. There is no way to prevent some drying and splitting of older hair especially the ends. So to the point, trim or not? I used to be a firm believer in expecting hair ends to be flawless. I also felt the same way about my fingernails, if one chipped or had a tear I would cut them all off. Needless to say they were short more than they were long. I stopped doing that and I always have long nails now. If I chip a nail, I file it and that's it.  If I tear it, I repair it with nail glue, and keep going. My nails always look great. If one breaks I cut it down and before you know it, it grows back. Hair and nails are dead, nothing dead can be flawless, or repair itself. Stop expecting perfection from your ends. It is not possible to attain. If you see a split, trim it. If your hair is very uneven, even it up a bit, if your hair becomes extremely damaged (this should not happen) then pamper your hair and gradually trim off the damage. But constantly trimming all your hair for the sake of "perfect ends" is unreasonable for a person who hopes to have very long hair. Just as cutting off all my nails each time I seen a flaw was preventing me from enjoying my long, pretty nails. Your ends are old and will have some splits and hair does not grow in perfectly even. Besides it is very discouraging  because you will be fighting a losing battle rather than enjoying your hair. As long as it looks and feels overall good and healthy, leave it alone. Any comments?

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