Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lengthy Ambition One Hour Olive Oil Soak...

Olive Oil is an ancient beauty secret that if used regularly promotes very well moisturized and strengthened hair. Olive oil is an excellent deep conditioner. Take about a cup of olive oil or less for short hair and while bending over the sink soak your hair in the olive oil. Rub the oil into your scalp and generously along the entire length of your hair. Next, coat your hair with your favorite deep conditioner or hair mask. Put on a plastic cap,( I prefer the disposable shower caps or you can wrap our hair in plastic wrap). Sit under a hooded dryer (or bonnet dryer) for 15 minutes. Once finished under the hooded dryer, wrap a bath towel aorund your head turban style and leave on for 45 minutes (you can bathe during this time, pluck your eyebrows, do a manicure or clean the house). Now you may choose to wash this out or simply rinse thoroughly. I call this a one hour olive oil soak and it is best used at least twice a month on our dry hair. You will see that your hair will be more deeply conditioned and the treatments last quite a while. If this is too complicated or you are very busy, then wait until bedtime, follow all the steps above except skip the dryer, with the plastic cap on your head simply put the thick towel on your pillow case, go to sleep with it and in the morning rinse or wash out and style as usual.

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