Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wen Re-Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask

I am in love with this product. When I first went natural I was shocked at just how dry my hair was. So the first thing I did was stop using shampoo because my hair does not like much shampoo. I tried Wen products when they first came on the market, I loved it on my relaxed hair. It kept my hair moist from within almost. Now my curls love this repair mask. It is like a super deep conditioner. I have been using it each week and I have noticed that my hair seems to stay moisturized longer and it is very strong. I think Wen is a great product for co-washers also because the product is made for that purpose. I would like to tell you that if this product gives my dry 3c and 4a curls and corkscrews long lasting moisture it is a keeper. Also, if you are a wash and go type this gives you the healthy start to keep the wash and go's looking good with less product for curl definition. Relaxed ladies can benefit because it really does fortify your weakened strands. Anytime you can find a product that keeps dry hair from becoming brittle (this makes the hair more flexible) you have a product that helps with retention and reaching long hair goals!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Moisture is where it has always been...

I think some of us are just too stingy with our hair when it comes to moisture. BUT if you want longer hair as fast and as healthy as you can get it moisture must become your new bff! That is why wearing our hair up is really helpful cause the hair can be moist and not look stringy or greasy! Cornrows are great. Low and high loose buns are great and so is wearing the hair in perhaps one braided ponytail. Be heavy handed with your faorite moisturizer and remember water counts as the number one moisturizer! Moisturize your hair daily for keeping all the length you have ambitioned to grow!

A New Norm

As a child I remember all the cartoons of black girls had the girls hair in two small afro puffs whereas the cartoon of the white child would have long flowing hair. I always thought to myself 'I want long flowing hair,I don't think afro puffs are my style.' Of course now afro puffs are definately a cute style but the point is, as a child I wanted to define my own beauty and I wanted styling options. I think that if we work hard to disspell the hair myths that are dominant in the black hair care world when our children are watching cartoons they will see the little black girl character with long flowing hair in one episode and beautiful ringlets in the next. I hope that we start putting half as much energy into really learning how to care for our hair and grow it as we do into styling and weaves. Then seeing long haired black women will become the norm"


It has often been said that a woman's hair is her crown and long hair is a glory to her. So what does that mean for the woman that feels her hair will not grow? Does she have no crown? Will there be no glory for her? That would not be fair or just. Many black women have been trying for so long to grow their hair with no real results. Therefore, many of them have turned to wigs or weaves so that they can have the appearance of long hair. Women of other races occasionally also resort to these options. Others have just given up all together. It no longer has to be this way. If you are black you can grow long hair just like any other race! The key is doing the techniques that work for black hair. The days of the black woman saying "I'm trying to grow my hair " whereas many in other races can say "I'm growing my hair" are over. We no longer have to try to grow our hair we can just grow it."