Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wen Re-Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask

I am in love with this product. When I first went natural I was shocked at just how dry my hair was. So the first thing I did was stop using shampoo because my hair does not like much shampoo. I tried Wen products when they first came on the market, I loved it on my relaxed hair. It kept my hair moist from within almost. Now my curls love this repair mask. It is like a super deep conditioner. I have been using it each week and I have noticed that my hair seems to stay moisturized longer and it is very strong. I think Wen is a great product for co-washers also because the product is made for that purpose. I would like to tell you that if this product gives my dry 3c and 4a curls and corkscrews long lasting moisture it is a keeper. Also, if you are a wash and go type this gives you the healthy start to keep the wash and go's looking good with less product for curl definition. Relaxed ladies can benefit because it really does fortify your weakened strands. Anytime you can find a product that keeps dry hair from becoming brittle (this makes the hair more flexible) you have a product that helps with retention and reaching long hair goals!!!


  1. Hi, I just found your site from Napptruality as I am a member. I have been struggling with moisture and cant seem to find my groove so I have started off basically with Co washes only and water and oil daily and at night with my hair in a bonnet, and will gradually find my niche from there.But I still can find out how to keep my hair moisturized. I think I need a creamy one and my hair cant handle much proteins as as I am finding out but I need something to help with strength. I am not into hair typing so I cant tell what it is. I have been natural since 05/09. Where can you purchase this product?

  2. You present a couple of issues. First, you need to know your hair type even if you never share it with any one else because it gives you knowledge. I used to always go to fotki's of people with my hair type and learn from their mistakes and gain from their sucesses! The Wen re-moist mask works wonders when used each week on any hair type, try it! Finally, in my opinion you need a daily moisturizer. Try Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 this one is really nice and creamy but not heavy. Ifit dosn't work for you let me know. I will help you!!The ads for wen are often at the right hand side of my blog click the arrows under the ads until you find it. Click on the Wen ad and it will take you to their site. Thanks! Let me know how it works out!

  3. Sorry if I missed it, but where can I purchaase this product?