Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Norm

As a child I remember all the cartoons of black girls had the girls hair in two small afro puffs whereas the cartoon of the white child would have long flowing hair. I always thought to myself 'I want long flowing hair,I don't think afro puffs are my style.' Of course now afro puffs are definately a cute style but the point is, as a child I wanted to define my own beauty and I wanted styling options. I think that if we work hard to disspell the hair myths that are dominant in the black hair care world when our children are watching cartoons they will see the little black girl character with long flowing hair in one episode and beautiful ringlets in the next. I hope that we start putting half as much energy into really learning how to care for our hair and grow it as we do into styling and weaves. Then seeing long haired black women will become the norm"

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